Pastry Custard - Crème Pâtissière

Pastry custard or pastry cream can be used for so many desserts, it can be fillings for cream-puffs, tarts, layer cakes, pies, and many more. Pastry custard recipes can be full of richness from fresh cream and butter, but this pastry custard recipe aims for a lighter, fluffier version.

Wayne Thiebaud, Dessert Tray
Wayne Thiebaud, Dessert Tray, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, visited 2019
Crème Pâtissière, Pastry custard
Pastry custard, Crème Pâtissière


500 ml milk (whole milk - 2% milk)*

80 ml cream*

100 grams sugar

55 grams cornflour

2 mid-size eggs

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Steps for pastry custard:

  1. Heat milk in a pan, remove the pan from heat right before the milk boils, and set aside.
  2. In a separate bowl combine the eggs, sugar, vanilla, and cornflour mix well with a whisk.
Stir the mixture well before adding the warm milk
  1. Next slowly add in 1/3 of the heated milk and continue to mix well.
Continue to stir well after adding in 1/3 of the warm milk
  1. Then pour the mixture into the remaining milk in the pan and turn on the stove to medium heat. Stir quickly to avoid lumps forming while the mixture thickens as it heats up. Stir the custard until the entire mixture is smooth and shiny, pour in the cream, and stir as it thickens up again, then remove from the heat.
  1. Pour the custard into a bowl to cool, make sure to cover the custard well to avoid a skin forming on the top as it cools. The custard can be kept in the refrigerator up to 2 days before use.
Smooth out the surface of the custard, cover, and let it cool.
Smooth out the surface of the custard, cover, and let it cool.
  1. Whisk the cooled custard before use to bring back the smooth texture. You can add whipped cream or additional cream to make the custard lighter and fluffier.

 *I have made pastry custard with 2% milk (500 ml) and no cream, the custard turned out beautiful, lighter and healthier...maybe I will try it with oat milk or almond milk and see how the custard turns out.

Recipe using pastry custard:

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